Acorns vs Betterment (Update 5)

It has been at least 3 months since I last posted into my financial blog on my journey with Acorns and Betterment. Well I can happily say both have been a large success so far and I am extremely optimistic about what else is to come with the two new emerging platforms. Both are showing gains for me and still showing different characteristics.

When I first started my journey on Acorns I jumped into it pretty quickly but obviously when you get into an investment of some sort your first objective is to find a way to reach $100. That was accomplished pretty quickly as I quickly ran my account up to $250 in the first two months. The second objective or milestone in a platform like Acorns is to reach $500. Reaching $500 took me a bit longer but I kept on depositing and have enjoyed seeing my returns keep getting bigger and bigger. And finally my most recent milestone was reaching $1000. I more so forced the action and pumped in $290 in a $90 and $200 deposit to force the action. And now I am pretty satisfied with the fact that I have over $1000 in this great micro investing tool for young millennials trying to carve a path into the highly complex stock market. I am currently posting $1037.57 with a 4.2% return since opening up my account in September. Quite fascinating to me. I have slowed down my roundups and weekly deposits though. My main objective was to get to $1000 and then start figuring out how I want to recalibrate my thought process on Acorns and how I am going to reach my loftier $1500-$2000 milestone goals. I currently deposit $8 a week and do manual round ups which average out to around $9-$11.50 a week including my $8 weekly deposit. Which is still exceptional in my mind. I signed up for early access to the web based platform and it is extremely crisp and eye appealing they really do have a better web based platform than Betterment currently. All in all Acorns has been great fun and entertaining for me. I do consider Acorns to be my for fun account and take greater care of my Betterment account. I just wish Acorns offered an affiliate program of sort. I love showing people this great tool. I will say though only 16% of my funds in Acorns were accumulated from Round Ups, the rest of the funds were from me depositing the cash into the platform in larger sums than the micro investments.

While Acorns has been great fun Betterment has been on the rise for me also. I joined both platforms at nearly the same time and have been juggling both hand in hand. Betterment has been posting a larger return than Acorns and I even joined Betterment a couple days later. On this day today I recently decided that I was going to shift my portfolio from 90% stock 10% bonds to 95% stock 5% bonds. I decided this was an ethical play on my part because I recently just turned 25 and feel like I have enough time in my mid twenties to make a pretty aggressive play. I also have my Acorns set to its most aggressive feature. My reasoning behind this play is simply because countries like India and China are still growing rapidly and I need to be apart of the BRIC markets while Im still young. So by increasing my risk another 5% I am opening up to more emerging markets. My portfolio should be reset to 95% for tomorrows opening. I took a screenshot of my 90% holdings today and will track the difference between the two portfolios. I am hoping that I can hold my portfolio at 95% stocks until I am at least 28 years old but am hoping to be able to carry it until I am 30 and then think about dropping back down to 90% stocks. Currently I have pumped my account on Betterment up to $1530.23 with a monthly deposit of $100 set. I am currently thinking about upping my monthly deposits to either $125 or $150 but still trying to figure out how I need to allocate my funds with Acorns, Lending Club, and future IPOs that I want to be able to buy into. I opened up a Prosper account also but think I am going to pass on Prosper. Like Acorns I opened up my Betterment account in September and am posting a generous 5.5% in returns! This is currently the highest that my account has ever been at so anything above 5.5% from here on out is a new high for me. Q1 was pretty soft for me on my dividends but It was still better than a savings account.

So if you are curious to know which platform I currently prefer it is equally weighted between the two platforms and I recommend either one. I usually recommend Acorns to more people though simply because you can get into the market for a cheaper price as long as you are willing to place between $50-$75 into your Acorns account every month. I do consider Betterment to my more serious platform between the two but am currently in love with Lending Club and getting ready to make a huge splash with them in the next couple of months, but that will be in another article I write. I would like to also thank Betterment for the sweet shirt they gave me!