Why I Dont Drink Alcohol



Drinking Alcohol is like pissing nickels and dimes down the drain with every single sip of what ever you are drinking. Especially if you are a millennial with little to anything to your name. I classify a millennial as a kid that was born between 1980 and 1995. A lot of people keep going until the early 2000’s but seriously when does the Z Generation actually start? Just today I received the first of my monthly dividend payments from five of the index funds I own shares in. I don’t expect much of anything from these payments right now because I don’t even have $1000 invested in the market yet. I wont see much of anything until I start getting a lot more in the market, but thats not the point. The point behind this is if Im going to piss away my loose change on something useless. Im going be putting my hard earned money in a washer and dryer if anything. Not a bartenders hand who doesn’t deserve any of the money I make because they already get over tipped. That is literally the only place I will put my loose change and I don’t even consider quarters loose change. A quarter is a lot of money. Even now none of my loose change gets dumped or wasted uselessly. Since I have Acorns linked to every single debit and credit card I own all of that loose change gets deposited into my Acorns portfolio instead of wasting time in my bank account doing literally nothing. Everyone does this when they have a few dollars in their wallet or when they wanna buy a drink or a small snack. They instantly round up and call it a loss. A bag of chips or a can of pop for $2.99. No one thinks its actually $3 it’s $4 and 80% of the time you are going to pull out a $5 bill and just place it in your head that you spent $5 and forget about that extra $1.50 you have. Well instead of forgetting about it do something productive with it since you already forgot you have it left and put it into a portfolio to get some dollar cost averaging going! I never pay face value for anything thats just stupid. I make sure I get some sort of cash back bonus on my credit card and I make sure I have extra incentive by investing the rest. I am more interested in the idea of trying to create something for myself at a young age so I can watch it grown and prosper while I am still in my 20s. I already know my next plan of attack, and the next plan of attack after that, and so on and so on. I have so many places I want to get my money in but all of these things take time and patience. But knowing these things at a young age is going to give me a huge advantage over people my age and even people in their late 30s and 40s. My money will grow faster than theirs. That is a given. Compounding interest is the most powerful tool someone can grab on to. It doesn’t matter how much you have, it matters how much you want it. And if you want it bad enough it will happen. And I want and have huge goals. But it all started with a $20 investment into Acorns. I really get sick of reading articles on how dumb millennials are, but truthfully we are a really uneducated generation when it comes to making money. We are the intrapreneur generation, which isn’t our fault, we just got stuck with watching and witnessing literally every bad thing that could happen…. happen. Im extremely optimistic about things. If their is one thing I take a lot of pride on its being optimistic about a situation, but I am a realist. I talk about money with a small group of friends right now but more about educating ourselves and trying to create better situations for us. All I am trying to do is help people that I see with lots of potential and need for more knowledge. I really don’t know that much about money, but what I do no I like to share with other people I talk to because they to deserve to know what I no. I don’t talk about winning the lottery. I don’t talk about all of the wonderful things I will have when I win the lottery, and I don’t talk about inheriting a shit ton of money. All of those things just piss me off because people that talk about winning the fucking lottery have literally know principle. Its a huge fucking pipe dream and a waste of time and talking. And the people that do win the lottery have no idea where to put any of the money they have. Its a huge joke and a scam. Thankfully I went through my spending phase at a pretty young age. But even my spending phase where I literally bought everything was just a small microcosm of what people in my generation spend. The difference being I already had a solid credit score so I did’t have to worry about getting hit with astronomical interest rates. And none of my payments were due instantly that month. My Citi Simplicity card I own is almost entirely paid off and will be paid off entirely on my next paycheck, but I still have a huge Chase Slate to tackle… But my Simplicity card isn’t due until August 5th 2015. It’s the only card on the market with an 18 month 0% APR. So what I had was TIME. Something I take full advantage of when given to me. All I try to do with myself is better myself. I have executed more sunken costs than I even want to. Im trying as hard as I can to put so many things off until early next year.

I talked a lot about Acorns in this article and wanted to point out that my Acorns portfolio is growing at a faster rate than my Betterment Portfolio, but Im pretty sure it’s only because my first month of Acorns I was depositing $6.25 every single day for 30 days into it so I was getting some hardcore micro dollar cost averaging put into play. With Betterment I only make 2 deposits a month in it. The plan is to get both of them to $1000 a piece somehow. Ill be pretty happy with even $500 in my Acorns profile but Ill be reaching that pretty soon. I really need to keep moving on with both though until I see which platform offers the better value for my time and money. In all seriousness though If you have a smartphone and are around my age you really need to open up an Acorns account and get your feet wet in the stock market. I wish I was getting paid by these companies to promote them because I am going to literally talk about these two platforms every single time Im writing. Acorns is just micro investing, you only need to deposit $5 a month and that it! You don’t have to put hundreds or thousands of dollars into it. It was designed specifically for millennials. And you will almost for certain see Acorns Commercials on Nationally Televised Television in the future. It literally took me 5 minutes to sign up for Acorns and Betterment. I am a huge advocate for futures and don’t believe anything that happens now plays a significant value on what will happen in the future.

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