Review ( Formerly Pageonce )

Around 4 years ago when I was still carrying my brick iPhone 3Gs I came across an app called Pageonce. I was still going through the phase of installing literally every single app possible onto my super speedy 3Gs. I was also looking for a program to help me keep track of my credit cards. I was still brand new to handling credit cards and really didn’t want to make any mistakes. I didn’t truly understand what was good or what was bad with a credit card all I new was I had to make all my payments on time and that was that. I was never really bad with money I always had an understanding about how to use it properly but I had never dealt with a piece of plastic that at the time had a whopping $500 credit limit on it. Which I thought was the coolest thing ever. In fact 2 weeks later I decided I wanted another one so I applied for another credit card. I was granted a $500 limit on that one also. Both of these cards were Capital One Cards because It was the only credit card company that came to my head at the time because of all their commercials with the Vikings in it. Im not sure if I even realized at the time what credit card utilization was. I cant remember if I was 20 or 21 either. But I did know that since I was trying to start a life in San Francisco I needed to have a credit score. I used one credit card for my gym membership and my other credit card for my phone bill.

Getting back to Pageonce I was apparently able to link all of my financial accounts to this one single app and see everything all in one place. I thought that was pretty convenient and linked my checking, savings, debit card, and 2 credit cards to it. I was even able to link my Virgin America airline points to it. What is so great about this nifty app is it tells you when your bills are due 3 weeks ahead of time. So If I owed $50 on my Capital One Card it would alert me on my smart phone and tell me your min. payment of $20 is due on so and so and you have 3 weeks to pay it off before its due. So what I could do then was click on the credit card listed in the App and click make payment. My payment would process directly through PageOnce.

As I started getting more financially savy with credit cards I started applying for more as I got older and older and watched my credit score rise. But I was comfortable with applying for credit because I new I would essentially never miss a payment unless I somehow lost my phone or if the App was taken down from the App store and discontinued. Pageonce eventually rebranded and changed their name to Check. While the original app was called Pageonce because the objective behind the platform was to look once and just pay your bill directly. The name change to Check was brought forth because as their user base grew so did the platform and everyone was literally using the app to write checks for essentially everything, its basically a checkbook, condensing everything into one nice crisp platform. I use Check religiously.

One of greatest features behind the app is it tells you what your Credit Cards APR is, it is listed directly below the cards balance in the app so you can clearly see what your APR is. I think that is a great feature because the Y Generation isn’t exactly the brightest bunch when it comes to credit cards and interest rates. I currently have my investment accounts linked to the app also. Another nice little feature that keeps track of my daily roller coaster on the market. I was surprised to see that I could link my Betterment account to the platform. Im really hoping I can link Acorns to it in the near future. I have my sharebuilder linked to it also but don’t really pay attention to the individual stocks I own. Three of the companies I own are penny stocks im just praying hit. I only buy something if I think its interesting. Ive found that with penny stocks you cant really look at the finances the company is offering, but more so at the deep future that could be created if their product does go viral. Could they become a power in the future NASDAQ or S&P500. Ehh most of them are just really risky investments though I have small expectations.

Since singing up for Check I can happily say I have never missed a payment on any of my credit cards. If you are looking for a way to keep track of all your bills this is the platform you need. It has 5 stars on iTunes App Store for a reason. People always ask me how Im able to juggle so many credit cards and so many bills at one time. Well Check is that very reason I am able to juggle all of my bills. Never take on more debt than you can handle though. The reason I opened up so many lines of credit was to build my credit score faster. Take the damage now with my credit score and be rewarded for having 10 year old cards in 10 years with a 10 year history of paying them off. But Ill write more about credit scores in another article.

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