Acorns/Betterment Journey Part 3

I love Mondays, not because I don’t have to go to work but because the Market opens back up. The past week was pretty insane on the Market. I posted a +3.50% on Acorns and a +3% profit on Betterment last Friday (Halloween). Im pretty excited to get things rolling this month on the Market again. Obviously I like seeing myself being able to make a few dollars on the Market, but im more so fascinated with how the market fluctuates. I was excited as hell when the market dumped 10% 2 weeks ago. Im pretty sure it closed at 9% but peaked at 10%. It was pretty solid timing for me to be able to purchase a bit more in the Market. The following Monday though it just slingshotted instantly into the Green and it was as if the crash (Correction) never even occurred. Pretty much all of my purchases have been on the dip though. So Im getting full value out of what I put into the market right now. November is historically a huge month in the stock Market. The market closed slightly down today. The S&P 500 ended down only .01% today but the VOO ended up .06% VOO is the Vanguard S&P 500 ETF, which is what I track as my benchmark because most of my portfolio is composed of all Vanguard Funds. I still took a small loss of only .04% today nothing dramatic though. One of my Monthly deposits of $100 will process tomorrow into my Betterment account tomorrow morning. Which is good timing again because the Market ended down today so Im buying on the Dip again. That is my sole objective when I purchase shares. Buy on the low somehow. Historically the Market responds extremely well to Midterms and tomorrow is Midterms. Apparently 86% of the time the Market goes green the following 6 months. With an average return of 7% the first 3 months and an average of 16% the entire 6 months during that period in the S&P 500. If this is true I could close out 2014 with at least a 10% profit in only 4.5 months! I only make .90% in my ALLY Savings account which doesnt really house that much money in it. Sad part is ALLY offers the highest interest rate out of every single bank in the country. I discovered this 3 years ago and started banking with them instead of a big bank only returning .10%. Im still young and figuring out the Market as smoothly as I can but am being greedy as hell right now also at the same time trying to capitalize on all possible gains possible. I will be extremely happy with myself if somehow I do close the year up 10%. That is a blessing in itself, but my expectations are still pretty mutual right now.

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