Acorns and Betterment Update and why the Market was down today.

After fiddling with Acorns for over a month I recently decided that I didn’t need to deposit as much money into Acorns as I was during my first phase with the software experimenting with it. I decided it would be better to allocate more funds to other funds and bills for the time being. So I changed the platform to only deposit $8 once a week and also all round ups. I estimated that it could be between $50 and $60 a month now going into Acorns instead of the $150-$200 I did my first month fiddling with Acorns. I am still pro Acorns and think its a valuable asset to my young life. Acorns recently just posted on their Facebook page that they were rewarding early investors in the program by bypassing all monthly fees and asset fees until 2015. It really isn’t that big of a deal but thats $1 in monthly fees and around $.12-.$14 in asset fees. But it helps when you are starting off small so I do appreciate that.

Alas I finally had my first profitable week with Acorns and Betterment. I waited at least 36 days to finally turn a small profit, but the week of the 19th-25th was extremely bullish. I peaked at Acorns at +.60% and on Betterment I peaked at .50%. So nothing fascinating more so interesting. Terrific that I am in the green on both accounts currently but noticed that Betterment gained ground on Acorns during this week. Acorns had .3% of an end on Betterment because I opened my Acorns a few days ahead of Betterment but I was suspecting Betterment to gain ground on Acorns and it did. So that is another reason more focus is going into Betterment as it seems to be a bit more concentrated on stocks analytically versus Acorns stocks.

Yet today was a sell off day due to the fact that 140 companies are reporting earnings this week and apparently oil prices are dumping really low. While the price of gas goes down for consumers the flow of money in the energy sector drops creating less income for people with holdings in the energy sector. The S&P 500 only ended down .15% today so I still managed to hold on to a .2% in my Betterment Portfolio. I track all of the index funds I currently hold a piece of and the one Im most excited about is the VNQ fund ( Vanguard REIT ETF ). With the economy rising up slowly this bodes well for millennials who do own a piece of the fund. Acorns have holdings in the fund which is nice because it offers a solid 3.61% Dividend/Yield. Unfortunately Betterment doesn’t have a piece of the VNQ.

While Acorns and Betterment are solid platforms they are just building blocks for people to build on. Later on in the future the next idea is to move on to Lending Club and individual Vanguard Funds, specifically to reach Admiral status with as many of their funds as possible. Thats still at least 3 years down the road unless I take focus off of Betterment and Acorns.

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